1 year and 1 month

It’s been 1 year and 1 month since Ro was born. My weight is back to normal and Ro looks like a little man now. A very cute little man.

I have been procrastinating for sometime thinking, oh yes I do need to write this down and then Poof!! there is goes straight out the window.

Since trying to get organised and get my working from home business up and running and trying to have a conversation on the phone with a teething Ro moaning his head off and me running around from room to room trying to find a quiet space to talk. Luckily it was a baby magazine and I’m sure they understand a working from home mums ordeal.

So, many things to chat about!

Will start another post on some clever entertaining toys and that won’t give you a headache with annoying battery operated noises.

Oh! and need to write about my long haul flight alone with a 10 month old.

Good to be back again.


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